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Hunt today like it is your last day to hunt.

Inhale & appreciate every outdoor odor like it was from your favorite baked goods.

Open your eyes and study the detail of all you see.

Live this hunt as an experience to always be remembered.

Be grateful you can still get to your stand and draw your bow, for they are Blessings from God.

Respect the Game you harvest for they provide you nourishment for body and soul.

Leave the world at the front gate, and forget the Stress!

Pay attention to detail, in preparation, and during the hunt. The DEER will!

Never let the weather get you down.

Hunt Hard, with the anticipation of seeing and harvesting your Best Buck Ever.

Share your hunting stories and knowledge with all in camp, even if they have already heard them 200 times before.

And most important of all, don’t forget, Why you got into the Sport of Archery Hunting to begin with.